Simply put, we are a simple group of programmers, creative artists and writers that love games. Based in Colorado, we all started playing games of all sorts at a young age from of course, Pokemon on our Gameboys to MMO’s and hardcore RPG’s on our custom built gaming rigs. We played the Sonic games on our beloved SEGA in the 90’s and enjoy playing games like Star Wars Battlefront on our PC’s.

One day, we all decided to start analyzing these games to see what makes them great, what we don’t like about them, and what we can improve if we were to make our own game. That’s when the idea of creating EvoCreo began. It began on a whiteboard, littered with ideas for our game but also ideas for the company we would create to make games in he future, after EvoCreo’s creation. An idea that originally was only supposed to take a year, took 3 more years because our ideas just grew and grew. We wanted to create a quality end product and we follow the motto, “Quality over quantity.”